Nutritional Response Therapy  

We are dedicated to finding the root cause of your symptoms and to bring you to optimal health

Have You Experienced...

Upset Stomach
Acid Reflux
Trouble Eating
Weight Loss
Weight Gain

NRT is a form of "muscle testing: and "applied kinesiology . It is very precise and specific to your body. We test the body through various neurological reflexes and acupressure points. Based off of the meridian lines used in acupuncture, the energy flowing through your body reacts depending on the state of health that organ or pressure point.

After this thorough examination and testing, we then personalize a program that is literally based on your bodies reflexes and current needs. 

Based on your nutritional response, we tailor eastern herbal medicine and supplements to fit your specific needs. These medicines boost the inner-workings of your body, stimulate and clear out and energy flow blockages and assist a faster and healthier recovery.