About Anna Israel

"I am always a 2.0 version of my patients."
- Anna

Anna Israel

Through Anna's own discoveries regarding her health issues, she is your proof that integrative health is life changing. She is thankful every day for the challenges she has undergone, because without these tribulations, she would not be able to heal you. What you are going through, feeling, and experiencing is most likely something Anna has struggled through at some point. And if not, she has definitely healed someone who has.

Growing up, Anna suffered through a long list of health issues: sports injuries, physical pain, respiratory pain, hormone imbalance, digestive and brain issues, and the list goes on. Anna learned finding truth in health was nearly impossible. Solutions were always surface-level deep, one-sided, lacked personalization, and always had negative side-effects. It seemed as though very few practitioners (both eastern and western) had ever gone through similar pain and sufferings like their patients. This realization sparked a fire in Anna, and set her on a mission to learn and discover as much as possible, every day.

Anna believes health is a spectrum. Integrative health meets people where they are at and instilling the lesson of anything sustainable is a gradual process. With Anna's own journey to optimal health, came ongoing discoveries of solution after solution. And so, Anna set out to open her own center and pay her discoveries forward.

I Wanted All The Tools Possible To Look
Every Patient In The Eye And State,
"Yes, I Can Help You."

- Anna

Anna was raised much differently than most American children, growing up on natural health, strict macrobiotic and Buddhist household, eating tofu sandwiches for lunch and training for the Junior Olympics. It wasn't until age 14 when she started eating main-stream, more conventional foods when Anna began experiencing illness, allergies, and PMS related pain for the first time ever.  Coupled with her body deteriorating from 15+ years of competitive training, Anna sought help anywhere and everywhere. She was prescribed numerous medications, misdiagnoses from a brain tumor to major depression, and seeing a doctor who advised her to take over 36 supplements (!) a day to restore her health. Anna was told by a doctor, "Some things you have to unfortunately live with."

This is when she reached her threshold decided, and Anna began to seek her own answers and has every day since. The journey to learn and go back to natural health was not easy. It took a lot of dedication to understanding and learning how her body and brain functions best. Simply put, the art of acupuncture, holistic nutrition, detoxification, exercise and yoga changed her life.

You Can Only Be A Healer If You Heal Yourself.

In her teens, Anna trained competitively internationally and in the Junior Olympics in one of the hardest sports called Dressage. This training played a huge role in how and why she is unlike any other practitioner in her profession today.  Anna has spent most of my life training powerful flight animals (horses), and still does today as a hobby. Dressage is all about balance and harmony between the rider and the horse. There is an internal and external awareness and sensitivity to pick up on subtle non-visible cues. Anna has cultivated a very rare skill to observing these subtleties and has studied extensively on the neurolinguistic programming, a coaching tool, and this plays an integral role in the success of her business.

What started as friends asking Anna for advice and life-coaching tips, turned into strangers seeking Anna for help with their life, both physically and mentally. Learning strategies and techniques in life coaching realigned Anna with her purpose to help people not only horses.

To Offer The Hopeless Hope, Is
The Greatest Feeling In The World

- Anna

Through her own experiences, thousands of training hours, research and international travel healing others, Anna offers an arsenal of unique integrative health treatments you simply cannot get anywhere else. If you have a problem, Anna will work tirelessly with you to find the root cause and find an answer.

Anna was honored to be trained and interviewed by the Tony Robbins Research International for  Results Coaching. Having read & participate in all of his curriculum,  she aspires to continue to help people through the United States and Internationally.


B.S. Animal Science & Pre-Veterinary Medicine  
Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Coaching Training Institute        



Massachusetts State Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
National Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Intermediate Nutritional Response Clinician
Cross-fit Level 1 Personal Trainer
Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher                        
North American Riding for the Handicapped (NAHRA) Certified Instructor
Egoscue Postural Therapy level 1 (Egoscue University)
Mastering Brain Chemistry (Apex)
Mastering Blood Chemistry (Apex)
Mastering Thyroid Chemistry (Apex)
Institute for Functional Medicine(IFM):  Applying Functional Medcine In Clinical Practice