"You could call it Hopeful Health. It feels so good to come to WellFit after seeing multiple doctors telling me there is nothing they can do. When coming to see Anna she always offers her knowledge that makes me realize there are always possibilities to overcome health issues "  Christine, Cancer Survivor, Age 32

Do any of these sound like you ?

Are you struggling to Conceive naturally?

Are you feeling run down, have NO Energy or Often left feeling Sick?

Are you having stomach Issues that you Just can't seem to resolve? 

 Are you in Pain having tried virtually everything, but Feeling like There isn't a solution?

well, if any of these sound like you... You are in the Right Place.  We have Natural Solutions for you! 

WellFit's Specialties include:  Fertility,   Autoimmunity,  Digestion,  Energy,  Stress & Pain Relief  

At WellFit  Studio you will learn &  receive natural, traditional, and ancient healing techniques to improve Every Area of Your life

 Home of Boston's Best Fertility Acupuncturist! 


Women's Health
Fertility & Pregnancy
Pain & Sports Injury
Stress & Fatigue

Postural Therapy
Massage Therapy
Yoga & Assisted Stretching


Functional Nutrition
Nutritional Response Therapy

Do Any Of These Symptoms Sound Familiar?

Struggling with digestive issues
Overwhelmed by stress
Suffering from headaches
Acute pains
Chronic body pains
Sports injury
Hormone imbalance
Difficulty trying to conceive

Well, you're not alone. Every day our patients are freed from their symptoms and have life restored  back to optimal health.

What are you waiting for? 

wellfit studio symptoms


About Anna Israel

Li. Ac., MAOM, KYT

Founder of wellFit Integrative Health

Anna Israel is passionate, genuine, and the most knowledgeable integrative healer in Boston and beyond. Believing true health stirs from within, Anna was inspired to create a harmonious space encompassing key specialties to strengthen and repair your mind, body and spirit.

Her unique journey through her own struggles with health is a direct reflection of  the care and precision she takes with each client. After meeting Anna, you will feel in control of your life again, and ready to take the necessary steps to achieving health and wellness. 

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