Did you know what you eat will be passed on
for four generations to come?

Have You Experienced...

Upset Stomach
Acid Reflux
Trouble Eating
Weight Loss
Weight Gain

We receive energy by the air we breathe and the food we eat. With the influx of pollutants and toxins in our daily lives, it's no wonder there are extreme gut health issues today. As acupuncture focuses on cleaning and restoring energy, this is a perfect solution for restoring gut health.

Your overall gut health, from the point of food entering your mouth, to it exiting your body, has a direct and clear relation to your overall health and wellbeing. This means the food you eat can effect everything in your daily life, like mood, energy and illnesses.

wellfit studio functional nutrition

Rather than masking the symptoms you are feeling, we believe in finding the root causes of it. The fuel and energy you give your body (food) is a direct reflection of how you feel, whether that is healthy feelings or otherwise.  

Together we will review your current diet and exercise habits and map this to your current state of being and create a plan to improve your overall health.

You'll notice a vast positive difference in your life once your nutrition is balanced.