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Boston IVF

Boston IVF can give hope to couples trying to conceive. However, creating a family the so-called “natural” way is difficult or even impossible for some couples in Boston. IVF in Boston, or In Vitro Fertilization, is one way that these couples can bring a child of their own into the world.

In Boston, IVF is a popular and trusted form of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Though the process in Boston for IVF may be complex and involve several tests and procedures, it is highly effective. For couples with fertility issues in Boston, IVF is a valid option when having infertility issues, especially if less invasive ways of ART have failed.

Steps in Boston for IVF Treatment

The chances of having a healthy baby in Boston through IVF depend on many medical factors, such as the mother’s age and the reason for infertility. Still, it’s worth a shot for many aspiring parents in Boston. IVF includes the following steps:

IVF Step 1: Stimulation, Also Called Superovulation

In Boston, IVF treatment begins with giving the woman fertility drugs. The IVF fertility medicines boost egg production, which makes the ovaries produce several eggs. Normally, women only produce one egg a month.

Women in Boston on IVF treatment would then have regular ultrasounds to examine their ovaries. Blood tests to check hormone levels are also a constant in Boston for IVF.

IVF Step 2: Egg Retrieval

To retrieve eggs in Boston for IVF, a minor surgery called follicular aspiration would have to be done. For women in Boston, this IVF procedure is an outpatient surgery; you won’t be feeling any pain during it. Your health care provider would insert a thin needle to pull the eggs out of each follicle that contains it. In Boston, this IVF operation is crucial to the process.

For some women in Boston, IVF may hit a snag at this juncture. Those who can’t produce eggs may have to undergo pelvic laparoscopy or surgery to examine pelvic organs, in Boston. IVF may continue, but only by using donated eggs. To learn more read the following article:

IVF Step 3: Insemination and Fertilization

After retrieving eggs and sperm from the would-be parents in Boston, the IVF continues by mixing the two cells. This is called insemination. Usually, the sperm fertilizes the eggs a few hours after insemination in Boston. IVF doctors may directly inject sperm into an egg if they think the chance of fertilization is low. This procedure in Boston for IVF is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

IVF Step 4: Embryo Culture

After the fertilized egg divides and turns into an embryo in Boston, the IVF doctors will regularly study it to make sure that it grows properly. If the embryo develops correctly in Boston through IVF, it would then be prepared for transfer and implantation.

IVF Step 5: Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer, is perhaps, the part that couples in Boston on IVF treatment are most excited for. After the embryos undergo three to five days of fertilization in Boston, this IVF procedure follows. It is done in the doctor’s office while the woman is awake. Using a catheter, the IVF doctor in Boston places the embryos in the woman’s womb, where the embryos may implant and begin growing.

Depending on the woman’s age and health, more than one embryo may be placed in the womb during the IVF transfer in Boston. IVF often results in twins, triplets, and more because of this. Any unused embryos in Boston from IVF may be frozen and then implanted at a later date. IVF in Boston also recommends these being donated.

IVF Boston Alternative at WellFit Studio

If you’re looking for assisted conception treatments in Boston, IVF is a viable alternative. However, many factors affect IVF success rate. Luckily, there’s a way to supplement IVF treatment in Boston. IVF success rates increase by 65% when complemented by acupuncture.

An ancient Chinese procedure, acupuncture in Boston balances your body’s energy flow by inserting ultra-thin needles at specific points of your skin. At WellFit Studio in Boston, we use reproductive acupuncture as an alternative to an IVF procedure. WellFit Studio provides full-spectrum care during the process of fertility, pregnancy, conceiving, to giving birth. Get in touch with us today.

Home - Boston IVF

WellFit Studio is the brainchild of Anna Israel, who triumphed against a lot of health issues. Growing up, she struggled with sports injuries, physical pain, hormonal imbalance, and digestive ailments, among others. Although modern medicine had been available, solutions were, unfortunately, surface-level deep and lacked personalization. Not to mention, some drugs cause side effects. It was then that Anna realized she wanted to learn and discover as much as she can every day.

Anna has always believed that health is multifaceted. She made efforts to study how various aspects of day to day life affect one’s health. Anna's journey to optimal health has gifted her with discoveries of solution after solution. Also in her own voyage to optimum health, Anna acquired the lesson that holistic health is a gradual process. It requires steadiness in the integration of a number of sustainable solutions to health maintenance. Anna’s commitment to helping others enjoy the quality of life that she does is what let her open her own health center.

About Us - Boston IVF

WellFit Studio in Boston focuses on the holistic approach to reproductive health and fertility wellness. We are a group of acupuncture practitioners who devote our time to aiding our patients in addressing various health concerns, helping them live their lives to the fullest. Our programs aids in women fertility health by offering a number of personalized holistic steps. 

Our mission to promote fertility wellness in the Boston community is grounded on three values that guide us in our daily execution:

Trust: It is the medical expertise of our team and the excellence of our service that draws patients to WellFit Studio. This is why we strive to be a highly dependable resource for optimal and natural healthcare to every individual seeking infertility care. At WellFit Studio, you are assured of the use of only the top medical tools when providing our patients fertility support.

Quality: At WellFit Studio in Boston, you do not just sit with a healthcare professional for an hour or so, and then leave with a list of medical reminders and medicines to purchase. Our expertise medical service entails the restorative treatments that will benefit your fertility health physically, mentally, physiologically, and spiritually.

Holistic Care: WellFit Studio in Boston gives emphasis to holistic, integrative approach. We believe that healing a specific health issue is not the end of healthcare. This is why we encourage our patients seeking fertility care to engage in the trifecta we offer: acupuncture, bodywork, and nutrition. Those three complement one another, making the approach much more effective. The aim of WellFit Studio is not just to help you be healthy and have fertility success, but also to inspire you to live your life the best way possible.

WellFit Studio: Center of Excellence - Boston IVF

Acupuncture in Boston helps with dealing and as a preventive medicine. Acupuncture has played an invaluable role in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is rooted on the meridian system that provides health and wellness solutions through the energy pathways through the body. This procedure is known for benefited women with fertility difficulties. Infertility can be because of many issues and WellFit Studio makes it their goal to successfully treat their patients.

Sterile needles are inserted at specific acupressure points on the surface of the skin. Depending on the fertility condition you are seeking treatment for most of our services offer numerous paths to a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other fertility centers in Boston we take a different holistic approach to improving your reproductive health.

Our well-versed team members perform scientific and strategic placement of needles to improve the energy flow through your body. This flow helps with the fertility path. Unlike IVF in Boston, fertility acupuncture is safe, painless, cost-effective, and chemical free. Also, WellFit Studio uses only disposable, sterile, and FDA-approved needles. We strive in finding the best solution for all women's infertility concerns.

At WellFit Studio in Boston, acupuncture is considered as an art as much as a form of healing. Acupuncture is performed our experienced practitioners.

Women’s Health - Boston IVF

At WellFit Studio in Boston, we specialize in personalized acupuncture treatments because we understand that each woman has unique needs and experiences. Unlike IVF in Boston, ee dig deep to unveil the root cause of your infertility and wellness issues so we can discover the healing of your mind, body, and spirit. Our services offer an alternative fertility program that doesn't include expensive IVF. Our women patients normally come to us to address:

  • Fatigue
  • Exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Persistent Headaches
  • Acne
  • Hair and Skin Issues
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Endometriosis
  • Health Issues Concerning Menopausal

Fertility - Boston IVF

We see fertility and pregnancy in four phases – pre-conception, postpartum, pregnancy, and post-partum. It is normal for each phase to come with a lot of nerves, stress, and excitement, and we are here to assist you throughout your journey of being pregnant. Acupuncture is helpful not only when trying to boost fertility and overall become pregnant. But, It will also aid in the ease of your delivery. Our services include a non IVF way to conceive, in line with fertility acupuncture, we also offer:

  • Detoxification Programs
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Nutraceutical Supplementation
  • Stress Management
  • Fertility Yoga

Stress and Fatigue - Boston IVF

  • Constant exposure to stress and fatigue leads to:
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Acute Pain
  • in Back and Hips
  • Surgery

The good news is that you do not need to live with these. With the practice of acupuncture and a healthy lifestyle, you can certainly enjoy optimal health again.

Let Us Start Your Journey to a Healthier Body, Soul, and Mind  - Boston IVF

We are excited to hear from you and learn how we can help you. Give us a call or text today at (617)-266-03230. You may also visit us at 376 Boylston Street, Suite 202, Boston, MA 02116. We look forward to meeting you!