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Navigating Your Way Though the Herbal Supplement Industry

Navigating Your Way Though the Herbal Supplement Industry

Herbal supplements are more accessible than ever before; in your local pharmacy, grocery mart, and even health food store. There are over 1,000 companies manufacturing plant products all claiming to support you in your health. Unfortunately, in the United States, herbal supplements are regulated by the FDA with the same lax scrutiny used to regulate the food system. What this means for the consumer is that the label doesn’t always match the contents. The World Health Organization has made a claim that herbal products are now a threat to consumer safety. Because clinical trials are not required for food products, oftentimes supplement manufactures can get away with diluting or replacing entirely the marketed product with cheap filler ingredients like powdered rice, wheat and soybeans.

Professional-grade supplements are the only herbal supplements which follow the guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are tested for purity, contaminants and guaranteed to be free of allergens and hidden ingredients. In addition to receiving exactly what is on the label, professional-grade products are often combined with synergistic compounds to increase the bio-availability, or percentage of substance that is absorbed and circulated in the body having an active effect. 

Because professional grade supplements cannot be sold over the counter, the best way to access them is through a prescription from your Naturopath, Acupuncturist, or Integrative Doctor. Let us know if you would like a prescription or access to our -online pharmacy.


What is Integrative Health?

Everything We Do At WellFit Studio Is Solely To Heal, Improve & Enhance The Quality Of Your Life, Health, & Well-Being

Regardless of your current state of being or your own pathway to striving for optimal health, everything we do at WellFit will further improve the quality of care you are receiving and your overall health. Our natural methods of healing are only going to enhance any traditional methods because we search for the root cause of your symptoms.

We put you in the center of healthy. "You" includes a deep analysis to your emotional, physical and spiritual health. At WellFit, you have the option of integrative methods, rather than simply isolating the problem and the one thing that feels disconnected within the body. We take a look at the whole system. 

Integrative health = Nutrition and Exercise are medicine. 

Of course acupuncture will have an effect on the body, though acupuncture is optimized when you are experiencing positive whole body health: when you are eating and exercising right. In many cases, if you're deficient in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and any other energy food type that fuels your body, it would be impossible to receive the full benefits of acupuncture.

Just as important as moving your physical body by running, lifting weights, and doing power yoga, it is just as important to relax the body and ultimately the mind. Research has shown that most diseases could be avoided by proper stress management. Most pain can also be prevented and reduced by proper body alignment, and here we specifically use Postural Therapy.

For most of us, life is stressful in one way or another. And these stressors are heightened for those who live in the city and have a busy lifestyle. In addition, we tend to find the time to exercise in a way that stresses the body without ever consciously relaxing the body in some form (besides sleep - though we would bet sufficient sleep is also questionable).

Acupuncture and integrative health is a targeted way to restore, relax and condition your nervous system - a preventative and restorative medicine. 

If you receive an individualized and specific treatment plan, follow that plan. It is life changing and there are many who can testify to that.