You take an occasional vacation, Right ?? Well your body needs the same ... and here is why...


Did you know there are over 80,0000 chemicals in your household and personal care products ?\

There are also almost 30,000,000 chemicals in the ENVIRONMENT!!!  30,000,000! 

There are also millions of toxins in our food, water. and air we breathe. On top of that was are constantly being exposed to radiation which is also detrimental to our health. 

Long-term exposure to toxins (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste) affects our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and leads to disease.  They are stored in tissues and cells EVERYWHERE!!! 

2. Prevention of  chronic disease.

Environmental toxins are responsible for many cancers, neurological diseases, heart disease, strokes..EVERYTHING. . Our bodies detox naturally but these symptoms are usually not simulated enough or overloaded!!  Cleansing/ Detoxing assists and improves what our bodies are trying to do naturally.

*****ANNA recommends if you live in the city to do the purification program by standard process( please see our shop for site link), 2 TIMES/ PER YEAR (spring & fall) . Winter & summer a 10 DAY CLEANSEwhich you can get through our  on line pharmacy, on our website page  labeled"Shop" . The pharmacy is Fullscript and the cleanse is Core Restore. 

Are you thinking about trying to detox but are unsure exactly what the benefits may be? When done correctly — that is to say, in a healthy, safe and controlled environment —getting your body clean and healthy can result in a wide range of positive effects. 

3. Increase your energy.

You will have more mental, physical, and emotional energy after detoxing.  Your sleep rhythms will also be better; you will potentially need less sleep, will sleep more soundly, and wake up refreshed.  

5. Improve your  skin quality.

Diet & Environmental toxins  affect skin. It will smooth skin, improve your acne, and make you look and feel more radiant 

6 .Enhance your  Immune system

Regular detoxing helps strengthen your  immune system functioning and fights off infection. 

7. Slow premature aging.

Detoxing rids the body of free radicals & heavy metals partially responsible for aging. Detoxing helps to increase nutrient absorption, that help fight oxidative stress.

8. Improve the quality of your life.

Simply put, our bodies don't function very well when they're loaded with toxins. We may have joint pain, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep problems, and lack of energy. Depression may be eased and memory may be improved as a result of detoxification.

9. Mental & emotional clarity.

When your body & its organ systems are aligned, a shift also occurs with our mental and emotional states.. We can make better decisions, analyze accurately, and see things differently. After detoxing you will feel more clear and grounded 

10. Restore balance to our body's systems.

Our digestive, nervous, & hormonal systems are  designed to work together to achieve optimal health. When we  overload with toxins & unhealthy foods, are systems don't work as well as they should & we eventually get sick.





"a  journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu