You are unique and so are your health needs, so you have your own choices of superfoods to add to this list. Instead of just eating healthy the trick to hormonal balance is to eat right for your body’s individual healing needs. Once you do, your diet can work like powerful medicine to nourish and heal.


Here’s a quick lowdown on the list:


SuperFoods To Balance Your Hormones


1. Thyroid: Brazil Nuts:

These are rich in selenium, a mineral that protects thyroid cells from oxidative damage. The selenium helps form seleno-proteins that bring down the TPO antibodies. Three organic Brazil nuts each day will give you the daily-recommended dose of 200mg of selenium. If you don’t tolerate nuts, you can take a selenium supplement (200 mg/day).


2. Adrenals: Camu Camu

You may already have many symptoms of adrenal burnout and not know it, such as: exhaustion in the morning, craving salt and sugar, crying spells, feeling tired but wired at night, and black circles under your eyes. Camu camu can help stabilize your adrenals by boosting vitamin C, which is found in the highest concentrations in your adrenal gland. In fact, the Peruvian berry has more powerful anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties than vitamin C supplements.


3. Menopause: Maca

This potent root from the Andes has traditionally been used to boost energy, vitality and sexual desire. It is a true herbal adaptogen, which means it adjusts to your individual hormone imbalance whether that is due to menopause, estrogen dominance or your menstrual cycle. As maca can cause digestive upset in some women, start with a small dose. Read more about maca here:


4. Estrogen dominance: Broccoli Sprouts

Most women who have this hormonal imbalance don’t even realize the signs, which include PMS, endometriosis, water retention, cellulite, weight gain, moodiness and infertility. How do broccoli sprouts help? They contain di-indolyl-methane, which detoxifies a form of estrogen called estradiol, helping ensure you don’t have too much. Read more here (including recipes):


5. PCOS: Flaxseed

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is a hormonal condition that causes issues like too much testosterone and insulin. It can lead to ovarian cysts, stubborn belly fat, high blood sugars (increasing risk of diabetes Type 2), acne, facial hair and oily skin. Women with PCOS usually also have erratic or absent periods and fertility issues.

Flaxseeds contain a form of fiber called lignans, which can help lower your blood glucose and insulin and also address imbalances in estrogen levels.

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