Acupuncturists might be exactly what the fertility Industry needs

Acupuncturists might be exactly what the fertility Industry needs


Acupuncturists, like others in the wellness industry, see a variety of cases that are incredibly sensitive. One of the most sensitive and personal issues however usually revolves around fertility. When it comes to fertility, many couples are willing to try a variety of things to resolve the issue. In recent years many of couples in the west have turned to acupuncture. Now there are many that are still hesitant about the use of acupuncture, but it’s acceptance into the medical field may surprise many.


Acupuncture’s role in the field of fertility

Today we look at the fertility field as a place solely for modern medicine. While it is true that modern medicine has given us plenty of options, possibilities and treatments for fertility, nothing is 100%. Couples trying to conceive have used many different types of therapy for thousands of years and it just so happens that some of those techniques are still useful today. Acupuncture has stood the test of time as an effective means to treat many conditions. That’s why a large portion of American doctors are more frequently referring their patients to acupuncturists. While it may be misleading to say that acupuncture alone will help someone conceive, it must be stated that it can greatly increase those chances. The numbers and results have been enough to make many medical practitioners reach out to a trained and licensed acupuncturist for help.


The science behind Acupuncture

There are many who might at first dismiss the ancient practice, however that would be a terrible error on their part. While it’s true that the science behind acupuncture is still being discovered, there is a lot of evidence to support the results. Evidence can be seen particularly for those with chronic pain and or stress. In one study for example, it was found that acupuncture helped those with chronic depression. When coupled with the right medication, acupuncture helped show a significant improvement than for those that took medication alone. The science behind it seems to point to acupuncture helping in reducing stress levels through releasing certain hormones in the body. In many instances it is difficult to hold specific scientific studies on acupuncture, in part due to there being so many variables involved. This however does not diminish the proven results or the recognition that acupuncture has received by medical professionals. So, what does this mean for fertility?


Acupuncture and fertility

The effects of acupuncture on fertility treatment have proven themselves time and time again. Kathleen M. Brennan, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist with the UCLA Fertility and Reproductive Health Center in Los Angeles has spoken on the subject in the past, saying "I've referred patients to acupuncturists to do acupuncture in conjunction with a number of fertility treatments" (Karras, n.d.). She isn’t alone either, many other doctors are sending their patients to acupuncturists to help with in vitro fertilization. In some of these cases, the acupuncture helps reduce stress that might make pregnancy more difficult. In other cases, the acupuncture helps by attending to issues that hurt the possibility of fertility such as an under-functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism) or over-functioning thyroid (hyperthyroidism) (American Pregnancy Association, n.d.). Whatever the situation maybe, one thing is certain, acupuncture should always be part of the pregnancy process.

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