5 Health Tips For Fall

1. Reclaim your morning. Before you check your emails, take care of the kids, or catch up on the news, set an intention for your day. Take 10-20 deep breaths and focus in on the following three intentions:
1) Think of something you are grateful for.
2) Think of something that makes you smile
3) And finally, think of something you would like to accomplish for the day

Remind yourself of your strengths, and always be kind. This a way to set your day off right!! As an bonus it aids in regulating stress and boosting immunity.

2. Drink something good!!!! Hot ginger: Try replacing that extra cup of coffee with a cup of ginger tea. Ginger is natural anti-immflamatory and can help generate “yang energy” which directly translates to war energy. This will help you fuel your POWER for the day. lemon water: lemon is a natural liver detoxifier. The liver is in charge of filtering your blood along with other functions, so its important to support it. A natural way to gently support your liver is to have 20 ounces of lemon water daily first thing in the morning . In the fall if you tend to run cold, try it with warm water or combining it with your ginger tea. The warm water will make it more enjoyable.

3. Eat Cooked & seasonable Vegetables instead of raw vegetables. In Chineses medicine raw vegetables are thought cool the body. In order to have balance, when it is cold out, you want to eat warmer foods. Try baked butternut squash, cauliflower, or carrots.

4 Supplement D & Fish oil : If you live in New England most likely you need Vitamin D. Did you know vitamin is important for immune health ? Make sure as the days get darker that you get a good source of vitamin D . Not all vitamins are the same so at a minimal get a brand from whole foods, but the best option is to get it through a licensed health care provider.

5. Acupuncture: People often ask how frequently should I revcieve acupcunture? And my reply is how stressed are you? =). If you have no stress in your life or you have a great way to release it on a daily basis you would want acupuncture is during the of transition through the seasons. If you tend to be more stressed and don’t have a way to cope healthily, take some time once a week to enjoy all the benefits acupuncture has to offer. #fall #fall health # wellness